Confused man bombarded with astroturf samples he didn't ask for

A man has been left baffled and desperate for ideas after being bombarded with astro-turf samples he didn't order.

Alex Forrest ended up having to use the samples as coasters and some sort of improvised windowsill cover after samples kept arriving at his door, for no reason he could think of.

Confused, he asked Twitter what the deal was.

Making the best of a weird situation, he had used the samples to make his home look a little less dingy.

The plot thickened when another friend admitted they'd been getting samples too...

But before long a friend confessed to the whole thing.

The friend, Matt, had apparently sent Alex a bunch of samples because his surname is "Forrest" and he thought that would be a funny thing to do.

Whilst he was there, he thought "why the hell not" and began sending it to Jake as well.

"He was trying to confuse me more than anything I think. He sent it twice in two days. After the first delivery I didn’t think anything of it – but I clocked that someone was behind it after the second one." Alex told Nothing escapes him.