Confused dad attempts to buy sanitary towels for daughter

A girl has published the awkward texts between herself and her dad as her dad attempted to buy her sanitary towels in Tesco.

Tia Savva asked her dad to buy her a pack of Always sanitary towels whilst he was at Tesco.

What would probably have been a two second job for Tia if she had been in store, turned into an awkward conversation about creams, overpricing and wings via text messages with her confused and outraged dad.

After the ordeal he returned home successfully with her products, only to find the texts had gone massively viral, with over over 2K likes on Facebook and 308 people reacting with a laughy face at his confused messages.

What in the fuck??? £3.50???

Wtf are wings?

Satan needs feeding

The dad is currently believed to be stuck in a branch of Morrisons, ranting about the tampon tax and muttering to himself, after a request for tampons from his wife.