Co-op refuse to sell this 13-yr-old a can of squirty cream

Co-op refused to serve a 13 year old a can of squirty cream, telling her she is underage.

Natasha Davenport went to her local co-op in Fareham, Portsmouth, to get a delicious can of squirty cream for her mum. But she was shocked when staff insisted she was too young to buy that particular dairy product, and wouldn't be allowed to leave the store with it.

“When I put the cream on the counter the woman on the till looked confused and said that she needed to get the manager," she told Portsmouth News.

“The manager said that they couldn’t sell it to me because it was an aerosol.

“I was thinking, ‘You don’t need ID for squirty cream – I can get deodorant without needing any ID."

“I was shocked. It’s pathetic. It’s squirty cream – it was only going to be used for hot chocolate. I don’t know what sort of danger it could be.”

The story made national and international news.

When Natasha returned home, she had to send her 20-year-old sister Becca to go into the store and challenge their squirty cream decision. She told them:

"I think it’s stupid. All they are going to do with the stuff is eat it."

“It’s like health and safety gone mad.”

Natasha, who had pudding that required squirty cream, then had to go to another local co-op in order to buy a can of the delicious cream. There she was able to buy a can without any problems.

A spokeswoman from Southern Co-operative told Portsmouth News:

"Unfortunately the colleague who served the customer misinterpreted the training and information given to them."

"We will speak to the store and we apologise to the customer for any inconvenience caused."

It is not store policy to ID children attempting to buy cream.

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