Clothing brand slammed for controversial product thought to promote drugs

There's a very fine line between cutting edge fashion and things that should never, EVER see the light of day.

'Edgy' fashion brand Vetements treads (and spectacularly falls off) this line every damn day. Famous for their $1,900 . 'zip down' bum jeans, they like to push fashion boundaries.

Why would I pay $1,900 to relive my worst nightmare of bending down and ripping my jeans?

But Vetements might have pushed things a little too far this time, releasing a £250 'Silver Snuff' necklace. The necklace has a small spoon pendant supposedly for 'snuff', but many have been quick to point out that it's clearly meant for Cocaine or Ketamine.

Vetement released teasers of the necklace, part of it's Autumn collection, on it's Instagram. Whilst a lot people found the necklace hilarious, others were less quick to see the funny side.

Other comments included workers from psychiatric and rehabilitative centres warning against the dangers of glamourising drug use. One user wrote

‘Drug abuse is not a funny thing…I have worked in a psychiatric clinic during my studies of medicine; it was a closed psychiatry for drug and alcoholic addicts on detox…when you have ever seen people on cold turkey, greasing their excrements on a wall…you will never glamorize drugs anymore.’

However there were many comments to the contrary, with other followers commenting 'need', 'want' and jumping to the brand's defence.

Vetements have yet to comment on the backlash, but judging from their other... interesting... creations, it's unlikely they'll listen to the complaints.