Chuckle Brothers blast newspaper claims

The Chuckle Brothers have blasted The Sun newspaper, after they claimed that the ChuckleVision legends “do not get on as well as they used to" and are drifting apart, despite the announcement of their new show 'Chuckle Time'.

ChuckleVision is a British childhood classic, in which Barry and Paul Chuckle get into crazy and hilarious situations, often involving dropping furniture and saying ‘to me to you’. The sitcom ran for 292 episodes over twenty-one series from 1987 to 2009.

Just yesterday The Sun questioned whether their on screen relationship really extends to their day to day life:

Barry and Paul were quick to respond to the report:

It’s sad that someone would even suggest that the inseparable duo are feuding, just because they don’t share a dressing room...

As brothers in real life, who have been working together since the 60s, they were fuming to see their reputation as two of the most friendly people in show business - called into question.

The story came soon after the announcement of their new show ‘Chuckle Time’ in which they perform classic sketches and react to internet clips.