Christmas Traditions: "Elf Is The Top Favourite Christmas Film Pick"

Christmas traditions

There are certain Christmas traditions that many people will adhere to over the next coming days. Eating a box of mixed chocolates for breakfast, watching 'ELF' or 'Home Alone' and listening to your favourite Christmas song on repeat...none stop.

However, one person’s Christmas tradition might be another person’s big fat NO.

So, ahead of this year’s big day, we were interested to find out - what are people’s favourite things to watch, sing, eat, buy and do during this jolly season?

THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the survey! We have gathered up the results and presented the answers to our questions below… Do you agree with these? Let the debates end here!

Key Findings:

Our survey results show:

  • 33% of our respondents selected the ‘Fairytale of New York’ as their favourite Christmas song
  • Our results conclude that the movies ‘Elf’, ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Love Actually’ are the top three favourite picks over Christmas amongst our respondents
  • Just over 60% of respondents own/buy fake Christmas trees rather than real ones
  • Over 14% usually have a vegetarian meal on Christmas Day rather than meat
  • Over 28% of people do not send cards at all
  • Around 48% of respondents answered that they stopped believing in Santa/Father Christmas at the age between 9-12 years old

1. What's your favourite Christmas song?

It’s not surprising to say that 'The Fairytale of New York' sang by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl is the favourite song here with over 33% of the votes.

We’re not being biased here of course, but you can’t deny it’s a true favourite around the world. It not only perfectly sums up most relationships, but it’s instantly recognisable with the opening piano chords which has the power to make people recall some of their favourite Christmas memories.

Plus, it’s incredibly romantic and upbeat - especially the part when the traditional Irish music kicks in. You just can’t help but get in the Christmas spirit!

The top favourite song is closely followed by 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' sang by Mariah Carey with over 21% of the votes and thirdly, 'Last Christmas' by Wham with over 15% of the votes.

Other classic songs which were not included in the poll but were mentioned by respondents were 'Merry Christmas Everyone' (Shakin Stevens) and White Christmas (Bing Crosby).

2. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

There are way too many fantastic Christmas movies to include as options in the poll - so we apologise!

Out of the films listed, 26% of voters chose 'Elf' as their favourite Christmas film and over 19% selected 'Home Alone'. The movie with the least votes was 'The Santa Clause' and a surprising 4% said they do not watch Christmas films.

Other favourite films mentioned were 'Die Hard', 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' and 'The Polar Express'.

3. Do you get a real Christmas tree or fake?

A Christmas tree becomes the centrepiece of family festivities and getting the tree right is seriously important to some.

We asked our audience real or fake? The results show that over 60% of respondents prefer a fake Christmas tree - very interesting!

Although picking out a tree amongst 100s of others is exciting (and they smell delicious), they do make a big mess...which means hoovering constantly!

Others also argue chopping down trees for Christmas is not environmentally friendly.

30% of voters prefer a real tree and over 8% said they own/buy both real and fake. Are you surprised by this?

4. What do you usually have for a Christmas meal?

The traditional Christmas dinner features turkey with stuffing, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetable and the list goes on - all on one plate!

We were interested to hear what you usually have for dinner on the big day...

Over 65% of the respondents prefer Turkey, around 25% voted Ham and 14% selected Vegetarian.

Other respondents mentioned they prefer (but were not on the list of options) Lamb, Pork and a Vegan option. A few people mentioned “all meats” on their plate!

5. What's your favourite Christmas dessert?

It's definitely the season for something sweet!

A huge 54% of people voted the chocolate log as their favourite Christmas dessert, whereas 20% chose the traditional Christmas pudding.

For this question, there were various comments naming other favourites including profiteroles, brownies, mince pies, cheesecake, trifle, black forest gateaux and alternatively a cheese board.

6. What's your favourite time of the Christmas season?

The Christmas season is a favourite time of the year for many people, but we were interested to know the specifics…

Results show that over 52% of our respondents think Christmas Day is their favourite time of the season. The second most popular day is Christmas Eve with 32% of the voters and thirdly, Boxing Day.

We received a few comments responding with “all of them”, “Christmas Eve” and “when it’s all over”...

7. When do you open presents?

This is a fairly obvious question and answer, however, it’s always interesting to see if people open Christmas presents at different times. We had a few respondents who answered differently…

"Open them in November because I’m impatient and hate surprises"
"Christmas Eve when in Italy, Christmas Day after lunch otherwise"
"We have some on Christmas Day then one everyday of the week until New Years when the New Year’s Eve fairy visits"

Some people mentioned they open presents on both days, others said Christmas Day straight after lunch/dinner.

8. Do you attend church on Christmas?

Many churches will have special services for families such as christingles, carol services, nativity services and plenty more services/activities leading up to Christmas and on the day of.

We were interested in how many people attend church over Christmas...

81% of respondents answered with ‘no’ and 18% answered ‘yes’.

Some people commented that they sometimes attend but not always, others said they attend church on Christmas Eve/Midnight Mass before Christmas Day.

9. Do you send Christmas Cards?

'Tis the season to send cards but the tradition has appeared to fall out of fashion for younger generations...

The results were very close and almost equal to each other.

36% of respondents answered ‘only to my grandparents’, over 34% responded ‘yes, to everyone’ and over 28% clicked ‘not at all’.

Maybe more people want to save their money and the environment!

10. When did you stop believing in Santa/Father Christmas?

We know everyone secretly believes in Father Christmas/Santa (or wishes they were five again) but it’s interesting to understand at what age people stopped believing the old man jumped down our chimneys to deliver presents…

Over 48% responded that they were between 9-12 years old, around 31% of our respondents answered between 5-8 years old and 13% of respondents still believe…

Sadly, nearly 7% answered that they never believed in him.