Child gives teacher brutally honest birthday card

It's never easy to know what to write in birthday cards, especially when making your own. One kid has taken the "brutally honest" approach when asked to make a card for their teacher.

The child sent a card, reading "YOU ARE 1 of 19,000,000 People Born on this Day" on the outside and the message "YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL" on the inside, in case the outside was too subtle.

"One of my girlfriends students gave her this card for her birthday"

Happy birthday! There is nothing unique about you!

"YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL! Many happy returns, Sophie."

The child fell just short of going full Fight Club, telling the teacher "You are all singing, all dancing crap of the world" on her birthday, or just writing a good old-fashioned "happy f*cking birthday!" or "Have a day of birth, you fucking snowflake."

Hallmark are looking at mass producing the card.