Child asks Amazon's Alexa to play 'Twinkle Twinkle'- Alexa gives X-rated response

We have had plenty of autocorrect fails, now it appears 'Alexa fails' will be the new trend for 2017. This comes after a couple of incidents involving the Amazon Echo smart speaker.

To get the attention of the Echo, you just have to call out its name- 'Alexa'. But this has lead to a few misunderstandings, some worse than others.

Over in America, a news anchor was talking about how a girl had ordered a doll's house using the Echo device by saying "it is amazing she just said 'Alexa, order me a doll's house' and it just did." This played out in the homes of many people, prompting their Echo to order $140 houses too.

But that happened, people returned the houses and received their refund- no harm done.

Now, a child has asked the Echo to play 'Twinkle Twinkle', but the response he got was something much worse. It thought the child was asking to play porn.

It does sound like the boy says "play dickle dickle" and Alexa picks up the sound of 'dick' and starts running through possible tags, possibly from previous searches.

It gets through a few before the sound of parents and adults shouting in the background takes over, with one yelling "Alexa, stop!"

Watch the hilarious video below:

People on twitter have questioned the validity of the video, while other have just enjoyed it for what it is.