Chemistry student used uni lab to analyse drugs for dealers in return for some cocaine

Student uses uni lab for drugs

A 28 year old student at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich used the university laboratory to analyse drugs for two dealers in return for some cocaine. The student who is currently unnamed appeared before court on Monday after giving into financial stress and resorting to helping the drug dealers with their business.

The two dealers wanted to know how pure their product was, so they recruited the 28 year old student to test it for them. They posted cocaine and crystal meth (which isn't blue believe it or not) to the student.

Amazingly, the student was surprised that he was in trouble and told the court that he didn't know he was guilty of any offence, and defended himself by saying that his tests failed to produce anything meaningful.

'I made up the results' he said.

He said he got into the drug business because of the 'intense pressure' placesd on him by his masters degree.

On Monday, the court offered the 18 year old a deal in preliminary talk: if he gave a full confession, his maximum sentence would be only three years and four months.

A package was intercepted in July 2015 on its way to the chemistry student's house, leading to the pending trial.