14 cats who are firmly against Brexit

If you're a fan of cats, we have some big news for you. They've all just come out firmly in favour of remaining in the EU.

The hashtag CatsAgainstBrexit is trending, after literally hundreds of cats have come out in favour of remaining in the EU.

If you still haven't been convinced to remain, perhaps these cats will help you decide.

14) This cat is against Brexit

13) This cat doesn't trust Brexiters

12) This cat is worried about the effect on farming

11) This motherf*cker right here doesn't think leaving will benefit the UK as a whole

10) This guy knows where it's at

9) So vote remain, unless you want mittens here to die

Do you want him to die?

8) Perhaps you'll be persuaded by Mavis?

7) Will this guy convince you with his arguments about the free movement of catsicles?

6) How about this chap and his opinions about trade deals?

5) This cat's worried about the economy

4) A Brexit would make this guy sad. Do you want to make a cat cry, you monster?

3) And this guy would be angry

2) Please vote remain if you're a cat fan. This guy's done the numbers.

1) Don't do it for the UK's economy. Do it for Alfie.

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