This is one student you don't want to match with on Tinder

A lot of people have trouble with writing their Tinder bio. Do I tell them everything about myself? Do I tell them nothing? Do I list all my A-Levels or just the ones where I got above a C.

And, of course, do I mention that I'm mainly on Tinder for the purposes of harvesting organs.

Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole. She's 27 and studies at the University of Illinois. She's pretty, she's incredibly honest and she's looking for a healthy, trusting man with both his kidneys, for unspecified purposes.

And oh yeah, one more thing. Nicole is going to steal your f*cking organs.

Breath of fresh air

Unsurprisingly, everyone who's seen Nicole's Tinder profile seems to be up for it. It's just refreshing to see such an honest Tinder bio for once.

Besides, there's something about her profile that makes her stand out from others. She's clearly someone who knows what she wants.

Nobody cares that that happens to be blood.

Sadly, only 7% of the world's population is O Negative. And even less of those people have healthy kidneys, livers and are non-smokers.

Worse, only heavy sleepers need apply.

Really heavy sleepers.

With a terrible taste in films.

So if you're looking for love, are healthy, in Illinois and are an O-Negative non-smoker with excellent kidney health are you in luck. Nicole may just be the love of your (short) life.

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