Can you spot which quotes are from lad mags and which quotes are from rapists?

A study of male students has found that they were unable to tell the difference between quotes from lad mags and quotes from convicted sex offenders.

Researchers presented male students with a list of quotes from lad mags, including Nuts, Zoo, Loaded, FHM and Unilad, as well as quotes from convicted rapists.

The study found that the students were unable to tell which quotes were from the lads magazines and which ones were from the rapists.

The quotes

The quotes the researchers used are below, and are obviously highly offensive. Try to identify the quotes for yourself if you'd like to see how difficult it is.

"A major concern"

After doing the test, the 274 student participants were informed on their results. On being told their results, the students reported that they viewed the magazines as being less legitimate, the researchers said.

Surrey University psychologist Professor Peter Hegarty, said of the study:

“Sales of lads' mags have declined significantly in recent years, with several ceasing publication, but 'lad culture' and the normalisation of sexism is still a major concern, particularly on university campuses and online."

“These latest studies demonstrate how a concrete source of social influence (lads' mags) can shape the expression of a prejudice that is generally considered unacceptable in an egalitarian society."

“However – in a microcosm of what we have seen in the lads' mag market in recent years – when the extreme hostility of the content of lads' mags is made obvious, men are more likely to reject these magazines."