Can you guess what this woman found in her doughnut?

It was a latex glove:

latex glove in Doughnut

Image via the Mirror.

Ria Findlay recently bought her first ever Krispy Kreme doughnut from Tesco. She ordered a glazed doughnut with a caramel filling. What she got was a glazed doughnut with a caramel and latex glove filling.

In a testament to the power of complaining she did just that, first complaining to Tesco and then to Krispy Kreme. Tesco refunded her and gave her a box of glove-free doughnuts for free. Krispy Kreme gave her five boxes of free Krispy Kreme doughuts, without a latex filling, apologised and promised to investigate.

They might have been wasted on her. Ria told the Mirror “Needless to say, I won’t be eating a doughnut ever again, which isn’t a bad thing actually.”

Krispy Kreme have so far not confirmed whether this is their version of an adult Kinder Egg, where every doughnut contains medical equipment.

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