Can you guess how old this man is?

This is Chuando Tan. He's a Singaporean photographer. He's also a grade A hottie.

Chuando runs his own photography business where he has taken shots for the likes of Harper's Bazaar and Elle.

He's also been pictured with celebs like Amanda Seyfriend, so he's certainly living the high life.

With his chiselled abs and youthful smile, you might be hoping you'd meet him at your uni or college.

Well, that may be possible, but he'd have to be there as a mature student. He definitely isn't the age you think he is.

Chando is 50! FIFTY. YEARS. OLD. PEOPLE. We want to see his birth certificate.

Apparently his secret is avoiding baths late at night and early in the morning, and eating chicken. We're gonna say there's also a lot of gymming in there, because I'm a regular at the chicken shop and defo can't rock a speedo like him.

It's not surprising he's a former model and pop singer in Singapore, but it is surprising that he's been in this world for half a century.

Looks like someone got hold of the philosopher's stone after all.

All pictures: Instagram