Can you achieve the 'Clapping Selfie'?

Selfies… where to begin? Fair enough it is a way of getting a picture of yourself, but whatever happened to asking someone else to take it for you?

First it was the normal selfie, a blurred picture of yourself with half of your hand covering the lens. Then selfie sticks came in to allow a steadier, wider picture.

Then Snapchat came along with its filters, and the possibilities were endless, you could be a cat, dog, you could pretend to cry or be a pineapple.

Now the new craze is the ‘high-five’ selfie. Where you take the picture in the mirror and drop your phone (I know) so the delay of the camera takes a picture mid-air and you have a picture of you high-fiving yourself.

The first to complete this task was Seth Schneider, an engineer at North Carolina State University. He posted this to his twitter on Saturday:

Now even though the image is incredibly blurry, fair play to him, it does clearly show him high-fiving himself.

But now others are attempting, some successful, but some just break their phones (put a pillow underneath!).

Here are a couple more successful entries.

And one not so successful attempt:

Some of the guys in the office gave it a go with a range of outcomes:


Bronni (her phone is by her midriff):

Here is my rather feeble attempt:

Give it a try. Just don’t break your phone in the process!