Cambridge student who burned £20 note in front of homeless man won't be expelled

You may remember the story in the news of the Cambridge student who was caught burning a £20 note in front of a homeless man.

And, you may remember thinking 'what an absolute bastard'. Yeah, us too.

This is him, in case you aren't already seeing him in your dreams and punching him repeatedly.

His name, ladies and gentlemen, is Ronald Coyne.

It has since come to light that Cambridge will not be expelling Coyne from Pembroke College. He simply had to make a weak-ass apology, even though this picture is pretty much beyond apology.

After he was pictured burning the money in front of the man, Coyne issued an apology to the public that read:

'My experience of Cambridge was of a place which is positive, accepting, and friendly. Yet on that evening, I forgot what it really meant to study at Cambridge. I misrepresented what it meant to be a student here.
When the media commentary flared up, strangers sent piles of abusive mail to my family home threatening me with violence, and chemical attacks.
I have addressed the root causes of my behaviour by attending awareness classes, relating to both alcohol and social inclusion.
‘Until now, there had been an ongoing disciplinary process on a university and college level which had meant I couldn’t respond publicly. Now that these processes have concluded, I am setting out to try to remedy some of the hurt caused by my actions.'

Cry us a river, pal.

Well, what a rubbish response from Cambridge, who won't be ridding themselves on a non-inclusive and classist reputation any time soon.

Uncool Cambridge. UN. COOL.