Business grad uses unique method to find job

A recent business graduate has successfully landed himself a career, after standing in a train station with a sign asking for a job.

Tom Tilly, 25, stood in Cardiff Central train station handing out CVs for hours last week after becoming frustrated with filling in endless job applications, Wales Online reports.

Within a week, Tom was offered a decent job at a construction and tech company.

Something different

After Tom graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a 2:1 in 2012, he went around the world. Upon his return, he's found it irritating (who doesn't) trying to get a job, and had filled out a hell of a lot of applications without receiving any responses.

Frustrated, he decided to try a different approach. He decided to make a sign reading:

"Business graduate seeking career opportunities. Please ask for CV. Diolch."

He was surprised by the response.

“It was a bit quiet on Monday," he told Wales Online "and then it went absolutely crazy."

"People were getting in contact on Twitter and stuff like that."

Passers by offered messages of encouragement, even if they didn't take his CVs. He returned on Tuesday, but didn't have to return after that.

The unusual method had worked. Within two days he had received a job offer from Smarta Constructions and Technology. A good job, too.

Start on Monday

Tom, who is from Talbot Green will start his new job as a social media manager and online content writer - a fitting job for Tom, as his story quickly went viral last week.

“They are a growing company which is good. I was looking to use my degree in a business sense. The support on Facebook and Twitter and just people in the street recognising me has been amazing." Tom said.

“You can see the power of social media. It’s quite impressive.”

Smarta director Mark Wray told Wales online he was impressed with Tom's job-seeking technique.

“It worked. He’s a very nice chap. Someone’s got to think of something that’s a little bit creative and it suits the role Tom’s been offered.”

Tom will begin his job on Monday, using the train station for his commute, instead of for finding work.

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