Burger joint goes absolutely crazy at woman leaving bad review

Facebook, Tripadvisor, and Yelp are a bit of a battleground between customers and restaurants.

They're often populated by people who're disgrunteled after a bad experience, which I guess can be frustrating for the managers and chefs working hard behind the scenes. However, it's still a public forum, and that doesn't mean all manners go out of the window.

The owners of Hanna's, in Hull, might have missed their customer service course though. Take a look at the review response that got them in hot water this week.

And they didn't stop there. Even after telling the customer to fuck off, they continued to go in on her, calling her a moron and a whiner.

Not the best customer service to say the least. However, while some people called out the manager, others gave them five star reviews for their apparent bravery and honesty.

Here are some of the responses.

Well, they're not going to be winning any awards for customer relations any time soon. Personally, their burgers could be the best to ever cross my lips, and them telling me to fuck off would ruin the taste.