Bulmers V Aldi's Orchard cider

Bulmers Orchard Aldi cider

The Rugby is on, the sun is kinda out, it's Freshers' Week, so now is the time to crack out some cider! So we decided to see if Aldi's Orchard Premium Original Cider was as good as the Bulmers brand.


Bulmers cider comes in at £2 in supermarkets, but is often on offer. For example, you can get three for £5 at the moment.

Orchard cider from Aldi costs a fraction of the price at 85p, which is literally cheaper than a can of Coke at your local newsagent (in London anyway).

The bottles are the exact same size (568ml), and alcohol (4.5%).


Orchard cider's bottle looks very similar to Bulmers. The labelling is yellow and gold on the brown bottle, but instead of Bulmer's apple logo, Aldi has used an apple tree. Cheeky!

Basically, if you picked up a bottle of Aldi's Orchard, you'd think to yourself, 'This looks exactly like a bottle of Bulmers.'


We did a blind taste test (the things we do for you!), and thought that the Bulmers was slightly sweeter (which we preferred), but there wasn't a lot in it. Both were tasty.


Although we preferred the taste of the Bulmers, it certainly wasn't enough to justify paying more than double for the big brand. If you like Bulmers and don't have all the cash, we reckon it's worth giving Aldi's Orchard cider a shot.