Budweiser are offering free Uber rides on Christmas eve... here is how you can get one

Wondering whether or not to go out on Christmas eve? Whether you wanna go out and get absolutely bladdered before Santa Claus comes down your chimney and steals all of your milk and cookies? Yeah, thought so.

Well, don't worry about the journey home because Uber and Budweiser have your back. They are offering everyone a free ride home to new and exciting customers!

It is part of a campaign to stop people drink-driving as studies show that arrests for driving under the influence peaks around this time of year, especially Christmas eve.

It is thought to be because of the holiday season, combined with reduced services on public transport.

Amanda Stretton from confused.com said:

“One drink at a Christmas party could put someone over the limit, and simply not feeling drunk isn’t a guarantee you’re sober enough to drive. Alcohol tolerance depends on a number of factors including the person’s age, weight and metabolism, so a breathalyser result can vary massively from person to person.
“We want drivers to enjoy themselves this Christmas, so we’d encourage them not to ‘chance it’. Pre-arranging lifts and taxis will ensure motorists’ holiday plans aren’t scuppered by a driving ban and a night in the cells for the sake of a drink.”

So how do you get your free ride?

Well, click here to access the campaign page. Fill out the relevant information and then fill out your name and email address.

Then at 4 pm on Christmas eve, you will receive an email with your Uber code. Then you have between 4 pm and 11:59 pm to book your Uber. To apply the code, simply put it into the promo code box and hit 'Apply'.

Then as long as your fare finishes by 1:30 am on 25th, then your code will be eligible.

There is a £15 limit on the fare, though. However, you can just pay the extra costs.

Steph Okell from Budweiser UK talks about the campaign:

“We’ve run a lot of responsible drinking campaigns in the past, but for 2016 we wanted to take our commitments to the next level with an initiative of epic proportions that would really have an impact.
“If we can deter people from getting behind the wheel after drinking this Christmas, we’ll consider the campaign a success.”

The offer is available on uberX and available to both existing and new Uber users.

For more information on the Christmas Eve offer, and full terms and conditions, visit www.budweiser.co.uk or the Budweiser UK Facebook page. You need to be 18 to apply.