Budget shop opens selling food for 10p, makes Poundland look like Waitrose

A new shop has opened which makes Poundland look like the luxury section of Waitrose.

Nifties, in Dover, is a pop-up shop which sells everyday essentials from just 10p. The most expensive item in the shop - tins of Heinz tomato soup - costs just 70p.

The shop is aimed at cash-poor families in the local area, and was set up by a couple who had previously used food banks, and want to give something back to the community.

Food inside the shop, all priced at lower than 70p.

Weekly shop for £3

The pop-up shop has been open all week, and if it continues to be successful it will be remain open past Friday, when the couple had planned on closing shop.

The owner, Nathaniel Richards, thinks the shop has been popular due to the low prices. He told Metro that it's possible to get a week's worth of food for less than £3.

"Our approach is really simple; we purchase reduced products, such as short dated or damaged items from supermarkets and other stores, and pass these savings on to our customers," he said.

"These products are still within their use-by dates, so they are perfectly edible."

At the priciest end of the store, you can buy tomato soup for a bank-breaking 70p.

"No one deserves to go hungry."

Nifties, in Charlton Shopping Centre, was set up by Nathaniel and his wife Bethanie. They had previously used food banks and wanted to give something back.

In particular, he wanted to give cheap food to people on the verge of needing to use food banks.

“It was awful. I want to try to do something so people don’t have to get to that point," Nathanial told Kent Online.

“I wanted to do it because I’ve had enough of sitting by, moaning about it. I wanted to get up and do it."

"No one deserves to go hungry."

Nathanial urged people to support his store.

"Get down here and support us. It sounds cheesy but together we can tackle food poverty down here.’

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