Brooklyn Beckham has released a photography book and it is HILARIOUSLY awful

Victoria and David Beckham's oldest child Brooklyn Beckham is due to release his 'debut' photography book What I See on June 29, but we've got previews and BOY are they HILARIOUS.

The book is a compilation thought to demonstrate Beckham's 'impressive' talent and keen photographic eye. WELL. We've had a sneaky preview and let's just say it's probably a good thing he's got super rich parents...

The quality is so bad that I actually can't tell what the hell is going on in this photo...

We're not sure what we're enjoying more... the fact that Beckham's photos were probably taken on a camera worth more than our house but look like they were taken on a Motorola Razor, or the captions that completely defy the laws of grammar (and sense tbh).

Not sure if I'm finding religion, but I'm definitely finding this hilarious

The photos, which were posted on Twitter, have been met with a sea of utterly hilarious replies:

The entire book drops in less than a week, so we'll be sure to clear our schedules to marvel this wonder in all its overly saturated and out-of-focus glory.