Several UK girls confused after stranger offers to pierce their belly buttons

A girl from Scotland has been left very confused, after a stranger got in touch to ask her many questions about her opinions on belly button piercings.

Then, for good measure, the random stranger, Elaine Alice, 20, threatened to pierce Georgina's belly button. Georgina tweeted the bizarre exchange, which happened via text message.

It starts off with an enigmatic request, then gets weirder from there...

Georgina then started offering to pay for the piercing herself. Only god knows why...

Georgina was weirded out by the incident, which she really can't explain. People have been warning her that Elaine could be dangerous.

Though Georgina seems unconcerned.

But it gets weirder.

It transpires that Georgina isn't the only person this has happened to. There appears to be a serial belly button piercer on the loose.

Be on your guard, or the bellybutton piercer may just get you.