British clubbers looking for dolphin tour get on wrong boat, end up in Syria

Three clubbers ended up accidentally boarding a boat to war-torn Syria, thinking they'd boarded a dolphin-watching boat.

Lewis Ellis, 25, James Wallman, 23, and Alex McCormick were on a clubbing trip to Ayia Napa, Cyprus, when they decided they fancied gawping at some dolphins for the day. Fortunately for the three, there are a lot of dolphin tours to be taken in Cyprus.

Unfortunately, there are also some ships that head out to the Syrian port of Tartus. The three say they managed to "blag" their way onto a boat for free. But they'd picked the wrong one.

Clue number one that something was up - the ship had no pictures of dolphins on the side. The boys snap-chatted their adventure, once they realised they "done f*cked up".

Welcome party

The three club reps continued to believe they were on a dolphin spotting trip until around half-way through their 100 mile trip to Syria, the Mirror reports.

At that point they started asking each other questions like "why are we so far from land" and "where are the dolphins". By then, of course, it was a little bit too late to tell the captain of their mistake, or jump out and swim back to Cyprus.

However, they did ask the captain to turn around in their panic, but were refused.

When they finally landed in Tartus, just 50 miles from key battleground Homs, the dolphin enthusiasts were met by confused and amused military police, stationed at a nearby Russian naval base.

War torn Homs, near Port Tartus.

The trio #NapaNightGoneWrong #StillWantToSeeSomeDamnDolphins

Once they found a translator, the military started laughing at us

Having landed in Tartus, the three guys still didn't know where they were. They told the Mirror that they only finally figured it out after one of them was able to post to Facebook, revealing their location by checking themselves in.

By then, they were in a Russian Military base, being talked to by the Russian military police. At first there were communication issues, but once they were dealt with the Russian military police saw the funny side.

"Eventually we found a translator and when we told him he just fell about laughing."

They ended up hanging around with the Russian police, whilst the police took photos of them, until they were able to find a boat back to safety.

"It’s the most f**king ridiculous story, isn’t it? We went to watch f**king dolphins and we ended up in f**king Syria," Lewis told

"We were wearing boardshorts, hungover, looking like we were ready for a boat party."

They say they are now the laughing stock of their resort back in Ayia Napa, as well as with the Russian military police. Who knew club reps and and Putin's trained killers shared the same sense of humour?

Their mums are reportedly not impressed.

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