Brace yourselves for the McChoco Potato

Brace yourselves. You braced? Are you in actual brace position? Good. McDonalds is launching something called the "McChoco Potato".

In what may all at once be the most and least imaginative culinary invention since sliced bread, McDonalds are going to be serve chips with chocolate on top of them. From the 26th of this very month this crime against food will be on sale, leaving you very little time to get used to the idea.

The announcement...

The name...

After deciding it was somehow a good idea to sully chips by putting chocolate, or make chocolate disgusting by pouring it onto salty chips, McDonalds then went on to have a three minute discussion about the name, settling on "McChoco Potato", rather than the much more obvious name "chipocolate"

"I've got chocolate on my chips."

"By accident, you mean?"

"No, on purpose."

"You're a f*cking idiot, Tom, that sounds disgusting."

"McDonalds did it for me."

"Well then they're f*cking geniuses. Or you should sue them, I can't quite decide yet. This whole thing has left me with mixed feelings and has been a rollercoaster of emotions."


Reaction online has ranged from "this is clearly a joke" to "why god, why do you let bad things happen to good potatoes?".

But McDonalds insist this is both real, and a good idea. This abomination will be initially released in Japan on the 26th, and if they like it (they won't) McDonalds have plans to release it elsewhere.

Though obviously drizzling chocolate on your chips has always been an option, just one you haven't done yet on grounds of taste and decency.

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