Boy's mum thinks their dog is missing, gets hilarious reply

Your family pet is usually the favourite child. Loved, adored and spoiled beyond belief by your parents and friends alike.

'Mum can I have a lift to town?' 'Sorry it's the dog's designated pamper day'

So when Twitter user Jeff Squires got a text from his mum asking if the dog was at home, he didn't think much of it. Probably just checking to see if her prize possession and most-loved family member was being looked after.

And you know, to be fair to her, that is kind of what she was doing...

Jeff's mum quickly followed up her initial text with a photo of a dog that had been picked up by the local warden, and wanted to know if he thought it was their dog Duey:

So at this point you're thinking, 'yep, okay, pretty sweet, she's worried about her dog, so what's the problem?'

The problem is that Duey looks like this:

Let's just .. you know ..

I mean... come on. The only thing they have in common is that they're both dogs and at a push I guess they're both white???

Jeff was understandably baffled:

'What do you think?' ... Think you need some glasses mum, u ok hun?

Twitter of course is having a field day with the tweet, sending Jeff their photos of 'Duey':

I mean someone throw Jeff's mum a bone, she's probably had a long day at work.