Boyfriend gives girlfriend the most psycho 'rules' for her holiday to Magaluf

It's always a bit nerve-wracking when your boyfriend or girlfriend heads off on a holiday with their mates.

We've all heard the tales of sex games on boat parties, and drunken mistakes being made in the early hours.

But, if you trust your partner it's no big deal, as you know they won't cheat. This guy, however, didn't get the memo, as he's set some crazy 'rules' for his partner's girls' holiday to Magaluf.

Shared by the a friend of his girlfriend (Lucy), it appears Josh has been well and truly called out.

Rules include no eye contact with boys and no talking to boys. What about waiters and shopkeepers, should she just get her mates to do everything for her? Not to mention calling her friends ugly. Was that really called for Josh?!

Some of the reactions were pretty funny though, as everyone has caught on to Josh's melt behaviour.

Lucy babes, take it from us and Britney: