Boy finds new driving instructor, previous instructor flips his sh*t

A boy who found himself a new driving instructor has been baffled by his previous driving instructor's reaction to the news, despite breaking it pretty f*cking gently to the guy.

18 year old Matthew Connell was left baffled after he broke the news to his driving instructor that he'd been having lessons on the side.

He posted pictures of jealous texts he received from his driving instructor on Twitter, under the caption:

"Fuckinhell, why is my driving instructor acting as if I have cheated on him?"

He broke the news pretty damn gently to his instructor that he'd been seeing another instructor, in order to get as many lessons in as possible before his test.

He didn't expect this reaction.

The jealous instructor told him "I'm not into sharing". This instructor isn't keen on open relationships.

Not happy leaving it there, the jealous instructor continued...

His tweet has gone viral, being liked over 60K times. Whilst most people agree it is bat-shit crazy behaviour from the instructor, others suggested that Matthew had driven him to it.

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