Boots stop girl mid-interview because she 'wasn't dressed conservatively enough'

A girl who went to an interview at boots claims she was stopped mid-interview because she "wasn't dressed conservatively enough".

Rosie, who describes herself on Twitter as a potato enthusiast, says Boots didn't even let her finish her interview because of the way she was dressed, even though she was dressed very conservatively indeed.

Know what you're thinking "top looks fine, but maybe she's wearing something weird on her lower half". Nope.

Just an ordinary, conservative, skirt.

Ms Reilly was attending an interview at Boots Opticians when she was stopped mid-interview. She had previously tweeted that she was excited to be going to her interview.

But that didn't last long. Later, the self-described "marathon napper" tweeted this at Boots.

She's received a lot of messages of support from strangers, who say that her looks were easily conservative enough for Boots, and that her image shouldn't matter anyway.

It's not like Rosie didn't have non-conservative choices of clothes either. A while ago, she designed this beautiful broach (her aforementioned pinned tweet).

Other former Boots workers said that this attitude towards appearance is typical of Boots as a company.

Boots say they are investigating the matter.

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