How to get book and magazine freebies and discounts

books and magazine discounts

Understandably when you have course reading lists to buy and get through, spending money on yet more books isn’t the most appealing idea. But, we at Student Money Saver are firm believers that books and magazine should be a part of any good student’s leisure time. So to keep the costs of reading down here are some ways to get free or discounted reading materials.


free magazines

Train Stations in General

Nowadays train and tube stations, especially busy city ones, are a great place to pick up a multitude of freebies including magazines and newspapers.

NME is now available every Friday for free from numerous distribution centres. If you aren’t close to any of them you can order your copy for free home delivery or, download a free digital copy on iTunes, Google Play and more.

• Metro
The Metro is a daily free newspaper available in over 50 commuter cities across the UK including, Bath, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle and Sheffield as well as, in full on the free app.

• Timeout

In London Timeout magazine is handed out free every Tuesday from most tube stations in zones 1 & 2 and is available for free home delivery if a station is not nearby.

• Escapism & Foodism

Escapism is the UK’s biggest free travel magazine. It features loads of wanderlust inspiring articles and images, but at the moment it is only available once every other month from certain London tube stations. Similarly Foodism is the go to for anything foodie in London and is distributed once every other month from the same stations as Escapism.

Free Trials

how to get free magazines

Magazines often offer one-issue free trials when trying to encourage new membership. Some of the best magazine trials on offer right now are:

• The Economist

The Economist can set you back £4.50 an issue but if you want to know what is going on in the world and read some insightful articles it is the best magazine to go to. At the moment The Economist is offering a free issue to anyone that signs up followed by 12 issues for £12, saving you over 90%.

• Time Magazine
Time Magazine is famous for giving an international perspective to world issues and right now a free copy is being offered to anyone who signs up online. What better excuse to give it a try?


book freebies

There are a quite a few ways to get physical books for free or next to nothing, here are just a few:

Freecycle & Facebook for Sale

If you aren’t fussed about quality or quantity of books Freecycle and Facebook for Sale pages are the places for you. These community pages always have books from house clearances and sort-outs for free, usually on the proviso you collect.

Free Library Projects

Hundreds of towns and villages across the UK now have quirky free libraries dotted in unusual places. A common guise for these libraries to appear in is red telephone boxes, but they can also be nooks in pubs, unused rabbit hutches and more. They usually run on a book swap bases or small anonymous donations. So keep your eyes peeled and pick up some reading material cheap.

book freebies

Charity Shops

Charity shops have long been the place to go for a cheap beach read or a second hand celeb biography and this truer now more than ever before. Charity shops are brimming with unread hardbacks and cheap prices, sadly they get so many books that some have to be thrown out.

Read it Swap it

Read it Swap it is the UK’s premier book swapping library. The premise is simple, list what you want to swap, find something you want to read, wait for the person who owns the book you want to find something of yours they want and swap. One book in, one book out.

Books for London

Books for London has put bookshelves up in numerous London underground stations where commuters can walk past and pick up or deposit books during their journeys. Volunteers run the whole project and it is growing rapidly to cover more and more stations.


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