Genius reveals how to sneak two people into cinema on one ticket

A genius and his sidekick friend have revealed how they get two of them into the cinema using only one ticket. Bo Johnson (the Youtuber, not the mayor of London) and his friend posted a video of them sneaking into a cinema disguised as one person (video posted below). How can you do it too? Here's a step by step guide...

Step one: Find a friend willing to occupy the same trousers as you

This is very important. Without having a friend willing to occupy the same trousers as you, you are not going to get into that cinema without buying two tickets. Do not skip step one.

Step two: Convince them to get into the top as well

Tell them things like "we've come this far, mate. You're already in my trousers. What would it hurt to get into my top as well?"

Step three: Practice walking around the garden

This is more difficult than it looks. It's easy to walk as a pair, as long as you don't mind looking like a large zombie trying to disguise the fact he's soiled himself. If you don't want to look like this, you will have trouble.

This is a long process. Play "Learning to Walk Again" by the Foo Fighters, to keep your spirits up.

Step four: Abandon this technique - try another

When you realise the "two man one trouser" technique isn't going to work you are going to want to quit. Fortunately, due to the sunken cost fallacy, you will also feel like you've paid spent too long on this ridiculous task already to quit now. Do what Jo and friend did. Try the "lifty hug" technique. One of you (the weaker, weedier person) jumps and hugs the other one around the middle. The other covers you in clothes.

Get comfortable. Here you shall remain until you are safely in the cinema toilets.

Step five: You're all set - get ready for a half price film

Practice saying thing like "I'm having a food baby" in case anyone gets suspicious. And make sure when you get to the front you say "just the one ticket for one person please."

"I'm just one normal guy as far as you know, going to see the Revenant like everyone else."

Here is the full video of the two sneaking into the cinema, leaving the cinema chain none-the-wiser.

And there you have it. That is how you get half price cinema tickets. Of course you could just sign up for Student Film First for cheap tickets, or look at our guide to saving money at the cinema.