Black Friday shopping rules

Black Friday rules

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year by a long way - and stores know that through the chaos, people are in frenzy to buy. They’ll push, fight and not properly think through their purchases. But not every deal is as good as it seems - there’s a lot of filler. Make sure you don’t get ripped off with these Black Friday shopping rules.

Do your research beforehand

Know what you want to buy and how much it usually is now. Stores are known to increase a product’s RRP in the days and weeks before the big date, to make discounts seem deeper. The reduction looks impressive, sure - but in reality you’re paying what you normally would, or maybe be getting a slight reduction.

If you plan on shopping at Amazon, make sure you check out the site CamelCamelCamel. You enter the item you plan on buying, and it will tell you the product’s price over the last year - which will help you decide if what you are buying really is a good deal

Don’t be fooled by doorbusters

Here’s how doorbusters work; a store will reduce an item (it’s usually electronics, so lets say its a TV) to a REALLY low amount, the price seems too good to be true - you’d be crazy not to want one. They’ll market the item, and create a buzz. You’ll turn up nice and early to get it on Black Friday, but you’ll find there are are hundreds of people in the queue before you.

Here’s the problem, there are only 20 TVs at that price (which is why you get all the fighting). But once you’re through the door, the store has done its job. The odds are you’ll buy something else, which doesn’t have the good discount.

Find out what is going to be reduced in advance

Money saving sites (such as Student Money Saver) and newspapers will be told in advance what is going to be on offer - and some will be able to share the deal ahead of the big day. Also don’t forget, Black Friday doesn’t really start on Friday anymore - many retailers will have sales on all week, so don’t rule out those discounts.

Don’t hang about

If you’ve done your research and know what you want to buy, don’t hang about! Some online deals will sell out in a matter of seconds or sites will crash, so sit on the page in advance and be quick.

Check delivery times

As we’re approaching the last monthly paycheque before Christmas (that leaves a decent amount of shopping/delivery time), always double check the estimated delivery times so you know in advance they will arrive on time. Culprits that can take an age to deliver include H&M home and BrandAlley.

Don’t forget the standard discounts!

Just because brands have special Black Friday offers, doesn’t mean you can’t use its usual discounts. Sign up to its newsletter in advance, as often it will give you a 10% off code. If you’re a student, make sure you enter your NUS number to get a discount. It’s always worth googling for free delivery, on top of the discount you have got - you never know!