Bizzare scenes after rumours of clown spotted on campus prompts "clown hunt"

There have been bizarre scenes at Penn State University after a rumour of a clown being spotted on campus prompted a mass clown hunt.

Last night rumours of a clown being spotted on campus caused thousands of students to mob the streets. According to reports from students on campus, the students were either trying to run away from the clown or hunt it down.

This is despite the fact that the police reported that there were in fact no clowns on campus at all.

Videos from campus showed thousands of students running down the streets and heavy police presence as the students went on a good old-fashioned clown hunt.

After a lot of searching, the students weren't able to find the rumoured clown at all, prompting many people, including the police, to conclude that there wasn't a clown on campus at all.

Bizarrely, this isn't the first time rumours of a clown on campus has caused panic at universities this year. Clowns were also reported at Merrimack College last night, and at the University of Dayton on the 2nd of October.

Stephen King weighed in to calm everyone down, telling everyone that not all clowns are bad.

But since then, videos have been popping up on Twitter of clowns all over the country, just to stir things up a bit.