Bills are rubbish. Don't go broke because of them

Student bills

In an acutely depressing reminder that 'real life' is getting ever closer, moving into a new student house brings with it the pain of household bills.

There's no upside to paying bills, but it beats the downside of having no water, heating, electricity or anything else. Cutting the costs of your bills is about knowing how you're paying and what pushes up your costs, then combating it.

Save as much as possible by following the guides below - but remember monthly bills turn friendly, happy atmospheres into grumpy, tense awkwardness: they are the fiscal equivalent of a mobile ringing in the cinema. The best way to keep everyone happy is to get the cheapest prices.

Choosing broadband

Student Broadband Deals

The internet is a crazy place.

Getting cheap car & bike insurance

lower car insurance

Cheaper mobile

mobile deals

Gas & electricity

student gas electric bills



student contents insurance