BBC release app that knows what music you like, cuts out DJ chatter... but we hate it

BBC Music free

Let’s face it, most of us don’t listen to the radio for the chat. Have you listened to Radio 1 recently? It’s 90% unbearable chatter, with the same things being said on repeat. So if you actually are only interested in the music bit of the radio, you’re in luck as the BBC has introduced a new music app, that will learn what music you like and play things according to your personal tastes.

When you sign in, you’ll have to fill in a quick survey about music (whether you prefer hip hop, dance, rock etc) and you’ll also have your listening habits monitored. The more you use the app, the more accurate the data will be.

Sounds lifechanging right? Well… no. It’s a bit annoying. The app only actually allows you to play a 30 second preview of tracks. They’ll have to be exported to something like Spotify or YouTube if you want to listen to them in full.

Yeah, we can’t figure out the point either…

Bob Shennan, Director, BBC Music said: “The BBC Music app lets you get straight to the music you love, from Live Lounge sessions to Jools Holland, with the tap of a button.”

“This is just the start for us, and we want to hear from users over time to make the BBC Music app the best that it can be, so they can enjoy music from across the BBC - whenever and wherever they are.”

Anyone else get reminded of Shakira then?