16 bathroom designers who need to go back to toilet school

Toilet designs have been pretty much perfect for years. There's no need to add your own "twist" on a toilet. No need to reinvent the bog. Yet here are 16 designers who had the chance to design a bathroom and thought, "I'm going to make this a little more me".

Either that, or they are secretly an alien and have no idea what a toilet is for.

17) This designer who wants to turn defection into an occasion

16) This designer, who wants you to pee with a view

15) This designer, who may have revolutionised flushing

14) This guy who wants to make you work for your roll

13) This designer, who can't poo unless someone is sleeping nearby...

12) This guy, who hates privacy

11) This guy, who really likes an audience or hates to miss a seminar

10) This guy, who doesn't mind people seeing his expression whilst he poops

9) This guy, who thinks the best place to have an existential crisis is on the toilet

8) This toilet designer, who likes to watch men (fail) to pee under the pressure

7) This guy, who forwent the convention that toilets should have roofs, especially when next to an elephant enclosure

6) This person, who made their choice between pooing and leaving the house long ago...

5) This guy whose faecal needs are greater than road safety

4) This designer who hates men and/or floors

3) This guy, who throws the best dinner parties

2) This guy who loves making awkward chit-chat with a stranger whilst touching butts

1) And this person, who wants to mask the smell of the cooker...