Bargain summer drinks

cheap alcoholic drinks

If you want to get into the spirit of things and have a cheeky tipple this weekend, there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg. Paying more for famous brands when there are so many amazing dupes out there is crazy - and Aldi does them brilliantly (there are award winners in there!). We tried out a load of its summer selection (it’s a tough life) and here are our ‘professional’ thoughts...

Austin’s Summer Punch

Price: £5.99

Tastes like: Pimm's (cheapest 1L £12.97)

What we thought:

We like to do things properly here at Student Money Saver, so we packed in the cucumber, strawberries, orange, lemon and mint (someone suggested celery – that’s crazy talk, right?). There may have been some mix ups along the way, it’s two parts punch to one part lemonade, isn’t it?! But we powered through and boy were we glad we did. Austin’s is brilliant. Less than half price of a bottle of Pimm’s and we reckon it tastes just the same.

austins - cheap pimms alternative

Oliver Cromwell Gin & Tonic Can

Price: £0.99

Tastes like: Gin & Tonic in a can!

What we thought:

This particular gin won silver medal in a blind taste test at the 2015 International Spirits Challenge – fancy! These cans are cheap, tasty and look nice. The can describes them as “rich, crisp and complex” and we couldn’t really disagree, there’s also a striking similarity to Gordon’s Gin, but we don’t really see that as a bad thing. G&T’s are a perfect and sophisticated summer drink (ok, maybe not so sophisticated in a can…). These are perfect for a BBQ in the garden or as a cheeky last minute drink on the bus on the way to the club.

cheaper Gin and Tonic

Valdobbiadene Prosecco

Price: £7.49

Tastes like: We compared it against a £20 bottle in Waitrose

What we thought:

Light, bubbly and refreshing. Nine out of the ten who took part in the tasting preferred this cheaper Prosecco. At under £8 a bottle this is more than appropriate for students. Want to impress the fresher you’ve been seeing or fancy treating your flatmates now exams have finished? This is the bottle for you. Especially if one of your mates is tempted to celebrate to spray it everywhere ‘F1’ style. And don't worry, we definitely couldn't pronounce the bottle name either...

cheap prosecco

Goccia D’oro Limoncello

Price: £7.99

Tastes like: Limoncello (500ml £14+)

What we thought:

Another silver medal winner at the International Spirits Challenge, this Limoncello was a nice way to end our taste testing (ok, I might still be drinking Pimm’s as I write this). We made the small mistake of not serving this ice cold as the bottle recommends, so make sure you chill it at home. The Limoncello was perfect on its own and delicious. We pictured ourselves sitting on a terrace in sunny Spain, rather than crowded round the office ping-pong table…

Limoncello cheap alternative