Barbie praised for finally introducing a hijab doll

When 90s kids were growing up, Barbie was hardly the best role model.

With her anatomically impossible waist, her gravity-defying breasts, her legs that couldn't support said breasts, and her perfectly blonde hair, she didn't exactly represent the average girl.

Barbie was always white and skinny

Throughout the 1990s, the only diversity Barbie ever displayed was having brown instead of her usual blonde hair.

However, in recent years the brand has sought to increasingly represent women of all shapes, sizes and colours.

From a curvy Ashley Graham figure, to black barbie, it seems the company are striving to be more inclusive.

The more voluptuous Ashley Graham doll was released in 2016

And as of this week, Barbie has been given a hijab. The new addition is inspired by American fencer (and Olympic bronze medalist) Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Credit Barbie Instagram

Before the Barbie went into any preliminary designs, Ibtihaj insisted on the hijab, as well as dark eyeliner and strong legs.

The barbie doll is also clad in Ibtihaj's fencing gear, pushing both diversity and the notion that girls can grow up to be literally anything they want to be.

Barbie's vice-president, Lisa McKnight, told the New York Times that Mattel are constantly seeking new empowering women to base their dolls on.

From sports to science, McKnight claims there are no boundaries which Mattel are afraid to push.

Mattel, you're slaying.