Banker gets on flight to Essex... Wakes up in Vegas

Airports at the moment are a total nightmare, with widespread reports of long passport control queues and chaos at the gates.

Some are blaming Brexit, but tbh it's just that time of the year where everyone's taking holidays and it gets a bit hectic.

For businessman Samuel Jankowsky, though, the flurry of passengers all got a bit much, and he ended up on the completely wrong plane, travelling 8,000 more miles than expected.

The 29 year-old was ready to fly home to Essex from a business trip in Cologne, and went through all the necessary security checks and staff looked over his boarding pass multiple times.

He said he thought the plane was a bit big for such a short-haul flight, but paid it no mind. When he woke up hours later he asked a fellow passenger where they were going and they told him Las Vegas.

Jankowsky ended up having to pay for wifi on the plane to tell him pregnant fiancee Monique where he was, then fork out for accommodation and food, as well as a flight home.

All in all the debacle cost him over 870, and he got home two days later than expected. Not only that, but he said he was treated like a 'criminal' by airport staff and cabin crew on the way home. Jankowsky said they locked him in a cell and searched him.

Eurowings, the airline involved, responded saying,

'The passenger had passed through passenger control and the identification documents had been properly checked by the Federal Police. Due to an error by a service provider’s employee, the passenger managed to board the long-haul flight.
According to the authorities and Eurowings, at no time was there any safety risk. Nevertheless, the incident has been thoroughly investigated in-house. Eurowings conducted in-depth discussions with the service provider, in addition to requesting strict compliance with our quality standards.'

That'll teach the both sides to look a bit more carefully when they're boarding the plane. Could've been worse though - there are definitely less preferable places to wake up than Vegas!