Bake Off's Paul Hollywood in disgrace over offensive leaked photos

Paul Hollywood has been forced to apologise after an incredibly offensive photo of him in fancy dress was leaked to the media.

The Bake Off host, 51, is said to be 'devastated' after photos of him dressed as a Nazi for a fancy dress party have appeared in the media.

It is reported that Hollywood went dressed as a Nazi to his local pub, The White Stag in Kent, before heading off to a party with his wife and friends, who were dressed in mock-style French resistance costumes.

The photos were snapped before 2010 when Hollywood joined the cast of Bake Off. However, people have come out in their masses to condemn Hollywood's decision, saying that he should have known better:

Despite the photo being taken nearly 15 years ago, Hollywood has released a statement of apology, to set the record straight, apologising for any offence the costume may have caused

'I am absolutely devastated if this has caused offence to anyone. This picture was taken 14 years ago en route to a Comedy TV Shows Themed New Year's Eve Party and a group of us dressed up as characters from the classic TV show 'Allo 'Allo. Everyone who knows me knows I am incredibly proud of the efforts of those, including my own grandfather, who fought against the Nazis during the war.'

It might have been 14 years ago... but it's still in bad taste.