Bad Lip Reading reveals what was really said during the Trump inauguration

Bad Lip Reading, the YouTube channel that takes footage of TV events and shows, then makes them hilarious by giving alternative ideas of what is being said, have released a new video.

President Trump has been one of the main news headlines for the past 18 months and after a long campaign, he was finally sworn in as President on 20th January.

Some enjoyed it, some felt it was underwhelming, but Trump did not have a lot of help in the process.

And now, Bad Lip Reading have jumped on board and given their take on the day and it is brilliant.

From the exchanges between Trump and Obama, to Michelle Obama dismissing Melania Trumps present, and finally everything George W. Bush says. It is one of the best videos they have made.

Then to top it all off, they create a rather awkward moment of Donald and his wife dancing to no music, that's the only part that is a little tough to watch.

The video is full of hilarious commentary, suggesting Bush is just a little boy and that Mike Pence has no idea what is going on. Watch below: