Audi causes outrage over hugely offensive advert

Advertising is a tricky business, especially in an age of social justice warriors and virtue signallers that are easily offended. However, sometimes adverts miss the mark pretty badly, and it's a whole shit show of awful.

Car manufacturers Audi clearly demonstrated this with their recent Chinese advert that viewers are calling horrendously offensive and disgustingly sexist. The misogynistic advert compared a bride at her wedding to a used car that was then inspected.

Sorry Audi, the 1940s called, they want their advert back. The advert shows the bride being inspected by the groom's mother, including her look at the bride's chest disapprovingly, before 'approving' of her as a whole. A voiceover then says "an important decision must be made carefully." Talk about objectification.

On what possible planet did Audi think this wouldn't cause offence. The clear objectification of women and comparison to a car for inspection is ridiculous, and people are understandably pissed about it:

Audi released a statement saying that it "deeply regrets" the advert, which has since been pulled from circulation, but the damage has already been done, with the hashtag #audisecondhandcarad having over 300,000 hits on Twitter already.

We don't know about the bride in the advert, but looks like Audi have definitely been jilted.