Asos tips, tricks and hacks

Asos student discounts

Know how the sales work

Asos have a big sale a few times a year, which is always very popular. It starts off as an up to 50% off sale, which then jumps to an up to 75% off sale a couple of weeks later, then a week or so after that, there is likely to be an extra 10% off code on top of the sale. So if you can (and are happy taking the risk) - hold off.

know asos sales

Get student discount (and on brands that don't usually discount)

We love a bit of student discount, but not all of our favourite brands have it (boo!). However, a lot of these student discount-free brands (Nars, Benefit, River Island etc, as well as smaller indie brands) are stocked at Asos, which does have student discount (10% - sometimes more if it has a promotion running). Hooray!

asos student discount

Get cashback

If you shop at Asos via a cashback site, you can get yourself some money back on your purchase. At the moment Quidco will give new customers 10% and Topcashback will give you 10.1% cashback. You can also use discount codes on top of this to double your discount.

asos cashback

Sign up to Asos Premier delivery

If you're likely to shop at Asos a few times over a year, it might be worth signing up to Asos Premier which is £9.95 a year. With it, you get earlier access to sales, exclusive discounts (50% off codes), free returns and most importantly, free unlimited next-day delivery and free returns collection. We've always felt it was worth the money.

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Refine the price range

Asos does this thing where it sucks you in and makes you spend a lot of money - it is all too tempting! SO - use its 'refine price' feature (on the left hand side of the page). When shopping, decide on a price threshold and stick to it. If you can't see the overpriced beautiful things, you can't buy them.

price range asos

Check out the outlet

When shopping at Asos, don't forget the outlet which is always there and up to 50% off so you can grab yourself a discount when there's no sale on.

asos outlet

Asos discount is sometimes better than student discount

Often, you'll find the same branded items being sold on Asos than in your local store. Asos also change up its student discount - sometimes its 10% then at other times, 20%. So if the place you're shopping at is only going to give you 5% discount, make sure it isn't sold at Asos where the discount is higher.

asos vs student discount

Use the 'Save For' button

When browsing, make sure you use the 'save for button' and wait for a discount code (which pop up often). Your items will stay in there for 60 days, BUT - it could sell out before you find a discount code - so decide if it's a risk you want to take.

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Get your item delivered to Collect+

Asos delivery is awesome, HOWEVER, it won't leave a package in a safe place if you are not in. So consider getting your package delivered to your local shop with Collect+ - so you can take your time getting it.

collect plus asos