Asos' new feature has pissed a lot of women off

Online retail giants Asos have released a new feature that has annoyed a lot of people, especially women customers.

The feature was meant to aid you in your choosing of size and to stop people sending items back so often because of ill-fitting items.

Basically, the site uses a customer's past purchase history to give an idea of what size you should be ordering, they also take into account whether you have returned an item because it didn't fit properly.

Now, you can also help the site suggest a size by evaluating past purchases on how well they fitted. Other things include giving information such as your height, weight, tummy and hip shape, bra size and age. All this can be used to find the perfect size for you.

Some have found the feature helpful, but most feel it is not for a computer to decide what size you are.

Fashion blogger Hannah Gale, who has 13,000 twitter followers wasn't impressed with the new feature:

Then her fans also jumped on board the hate train.

But some did see some positive progress in the feature:

What do you think?