Asos reply this hilarious response to a customer's complaint

Asos are a go-to for everything clothes-wise, whether that's a last minute bargain or something more fancy.

They have quick delivery, an easy website, and pretty much anything you could want.

But, since they're an online only store it doesn't always go to plan where postage is involved. That was what happened to Stephen Cannon, but instead of getting angry (as is often the case with social media complaints) he got creative with some Eminem jamming.

Asos took it in their stride, though. It helps if you read this one out to the tune of Stan. If you need to start rapping in your office or uni, so be it.

Well, played Asos, and you didn't even have to give him a free voucher!

Plus, Asos Am(ber) probably got to waste half her day thinking that lot up. Will she ever be the real Slim Shady though?

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