ASOS have released a new search feature that will change your life

It's always upsetting when you see your dream piece of clothing in someone's Instagram picture, but when you comment asking where it's from they either don't reply, or use the classic 'omg I actually can't remember.' LIES. IT'S ALL LIES.


Well, upsetting NO MORE, because ASOS have released a new search feature on their mobile app that allows you to submit a photo of a piece of clothing you like, and then they'll find pieces of clothing that are similar or even the same!

It almost seems to good to be true, but guys, IT'S REALLY NOT! We tried it out, and although having mixed results, it does seem pretty cool, and it's really easy as well.

You either take a photo or submit one from your photo library and place it into search:

And then ASOS bless you with items of clothing they deem as similar:

Some were definitely more similar than others...

The app gives you a substantial amount of options, with up to 100 to sift through, so a similar piece of clothing to the one you're searching for will hopefully be amongst the masses!

At the moment the feature is only available through the App store on iOS devices, so desktops and Androids may have to wait a bit longer before their clothes prayers are answered.

Thank you ASOS, may my desperate pleas of 'where is this from?' never go unanswered again.