Asda slapped with £700,000 over 'disgusting' vermin infestation

Asda have been served with a whopping £700,000 fine as one of it's stores was found to have a widespread vermin infestation.

Environmental Health officers discovered a live mouse, alongside a substantial amount of droppings in a Liverpool Asda amongst it's bakery section.

Credit Liverpool Echo

The Liverpool Echo reported that Environmental Health officers made the discovery at the Bromborough store after a tip off, only to found out that employees had clearly been aware of the problem for quite some time.

Credit Liverpool Echo

Officers reportedly found a live mouse next to the trays where bakery were making cookies, which led to the closure of the bakery that same day. Returning the next day, the officers then found mice caught in traps by the bakery's electrical tray, leading Wirral Council no choice but to prosecute the store.

A spokesperson of the Queen's Council, Nigel Lawrence, gave the following statement:

"Food was clearly put directly at risk, as were all areas, surfaces and apparatus within the bakery and in the warehouse. The evidence of widespread mice infestation was clear and obvious. The defendant, through its employees, was aware of the problem for some time."

The judge in the case described Asda's inaction as "bewilderingly inadequate".

As well as being slapped with the monumental fine, the store in question has since spent £17,000 on pest controls to ensure that the same situation can never happen again.

This isn't the first time Asda have been caught out for substandard hygiene practices. Read more about an infestation at one of their depots here.