ASDA fail to deliver food - customer storms into store and takes it, refuses to pay

After ASDA failed to deliver her shopping, a lady stormed into an ASDA branch and started taking it off the shelves, refusing to pay on her way out.

Danni Leadbeater ordered food for her and her family last, only to have her order cancelled and rebooked twice by ASDA. Deciding that there wasn't going to be a third time, she stormed into a branch of ASDA and started taking food off the shelves.

She piled her order into a trolley, taking only what she'd ordered the previous week, but looked so angry that security at the Eastlands Superstore, Manchester got involved before she even had chance to leave the store with her food.

Hour-long argument

The 30 year old mother got into an hour-long argument with security guards at the store, who threatened to get the police involved.

"I told them I didn't care and that they could phone the police."

She explained the situation to them, though not very calmly, about how she had tried twice to get her food delivered and was both times told to cancel, rebook and repay, and how she was now taking the next logical step of storming into store and "collecting" the food by herself.

Eventually, the store relented and let her leave with her food.

"After about an hour of arguing, and speaking to someone on the online team, they authorised it. Even in store not one member of staff apologised to me. It's disgraceful."

"I know not all people would have been as bold as me and would have just taken it and it's wrong."

Never shopping there again

Danni has now vowed that she will never shop at ASDA again, after her £50 delivery was twice cancelled because of a "shortage of drivers". She was also asked to wait 7-10 days for her order to be refunded, something she couldn't afford to do twice in one week.

"The whole thing was so annoying and frustrating. I've got two little ones to feed so the waiting around so was starting to cause me a problem."

"I thought it was ridiculous I had to pay a second time so when that one didn't turn up I'd just had enough. A hundred pounds is a lot of money for a single mum like me."

ASDA's take on the situation

ASDA had a very different take on the situation. A spokeswoman for ASDA said:

"We understand the customer's concerns and are very apologetic that her online delivery didn't arrive as planned."

"As a goodwill gesture, the customer collected her shopping from her nearest store and we're pleased to have been able to help on this occasion."

You know, after said customer had stormed into store and packed the order into her shopping, and had an hour long argument with security.