Artist creates hilarious Barbie scenes depicting real-life, mayhem and destruction

An artist has created scenes of the everyday, mayhem and destruction using Barbie dolls. The photos depict scenes from every day kitchen scenes, to kitchen scenes where Barbie has killed Ken and is using his hollowed out skull a soup bowl. The artist, Mariel Clayton, explains.

"I can't explain how my mind works, or why these ideas come to it.

It started out with a camera and a major interest in travel photography, but a sublime encounter in a Tokyo toy shop led me into the surreal world of Japanese miniatures, and ultimately to the stories that could be told with them. Since I started working with dolls, I have grown more and more to appreciate what

can be done with them, how the smallest gesture or placement seems to convey volumes. Also, I happen to think it's a damn funny medium."

The results are pretty awesome, and indeed funny but very violent. Below are some of the best those of you who are sensitve to doll violence might want to look away now...

When you run out of crockery...

"Who wants to lick the bowl?"

Here Mariel portrays a couple having a mental breakdown and attempting to fight a hoover

It happens to us all. As does this...

You've been warned

You've been warned. Elsewhere...

It's just another normal day for Mr and Mrs Crapsinfrontofcats

Who every day take a crap in front of their cats, living up to their name.

Complicated message about Movember coming up...

Not sure if this is pro or anti prostate cancer. Either way, love the detail of the cat in the bottom left hand corner, not giving a sh*t about their owner killing their other owner. Just like real life.

Perfect day?

"This is nice and all, dear. But we should really see someone about your foot..."


"It's hanging on by a thread."

"I don't want to think about it. Keep drinking your wine and hopefully this will all go away."

Another perfect day

Hope Ken doesn't run off with some blonde cokehead...

Oh my...

"Ken, the photographer is trying to take a photo."

"I think we're beyond trying to look good for cameras, Barbie."

Such... such a beautiful day

"No... no, you still look... beautiful. Stunning, really."

As was the wedding night?

"Barbie, I think I've figured out why I've always got this confused expression on my face painted on my face. I have the expression of a man who's just figured out he's gay."

But what Ken's really into video games, cats and discarded ukuleles

And mouthwash for some reason...

Which pretty much ended the honeymoon phase...

"Ok, you try to carry on being dead whilst I pose for a photograph with my gun. Cats, you stay on the floor not giving a sh*t".

"Honey, could you go and Google something on the laptop for me"

"No, not on the sofa. Take the laptop, put it on the floor and Google over there. Let's do this properly shall we. Now make sure you keep looking at the screen, this'll all be over soon."

"I'm sorry, Tony, the mouse needs to eat"

"If you'd just gone to the pet store..."

"For the last time, Ken, you know what you did"

"Now let's play 'whoever quits their whining gets to live' shall we?"

These photos are good, but what would happen if dinosaurs took over?

"It's not what it looks like - we're... trying to evolve?"

Apparently things get a little cleaner and a whole lot less violent

"Curse these tiny Tyrannosaurus hands!"

See more on Mariel Clayton's website: