Argos keep wishing people happy birthday even though it isn't their birthday, then taking it back

Argos have done something very strange yesterday morning, emailing a lot of customers to wish them "Happy Birthday" even though it isn't their birthday.

Then, to add an extra layer of weird, they then sent follow-up emails withdrawing their previous Happy Birthday wishes.

Some customers are extremely annoyed by being wished a Happy Birthday on what they thought was a regular Thursday...

Whilst others were only f*cking gutted when their birthday wishes were withdrawn...

And others just liked to have the birthday wishes, even though it was nowhere near their birthday.

It seems the customers were selected at random for their birthday messages, and didn't have anything in common (e.g. a birthday) other than they were all in the Argos database.

Argos say that no data breach has occurred, and they take data protection very seriously.